Back to Work following Maternity Leave

It only seems like yesterday that I was saying my temporary goodbyes to work colleagues when leaving for maternity leave.  For two weeks, bump left me hanging on wondering if every twinge was to be the start of labour. 

Those two weeks seemed to last a lifetime, I even found the time to empty and clean all the kitchen cupboards and scrub the floors, on all fours, at 41wks pregnant.

Maybe it was that short ‘nesting’ period that made me think my maternity leave would somehow last forever.  I was literally killing time.

Since Jack was born, everything has changed.  I no longer have the time to do anything.  Relaxing bath?  Read a book?  ‘Pop’ to the shops?  Ha – you know how it is.  Time just flies by in the blink-of-an-eye, its not often that Trevor and I are sat down much before 9pm and by that time we resemble sweaty vegetables and literally just fall onto the sofa (at opposite ends of course).

So now its goodbye maternity leave and hello work again.  That 10months seems like an eternity ago already and I’ve only been back to work for 4days.  Work has been okay and Trevor has been off this week with Jack so that he gets use to not having mummy around.

Jack has been fine at his Nursery settling-in sessions this week which is a huge relief!  This Monday coming, he starts Nursery permanently.  To me, he is still too young to be going to Nursery but needs must and all that, even if it is for a return of £2.50 per hour after childcare expenses.  Yes, I am a f*&king idiot!  Is it really worth it?  Only time will tell.

Lisa x

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