Pregnancy Update: Weeks 20 – 22

Thank you for sharing our pregnancy journey.  Here is our update for weeks 20 to 22.

22 weeks – 124 days to go

Baby Dot is now about 27.5cm long and weighs approximately 430g.  Its lovely to know that we are now past the half-way mark and I have to say, this pregnancy is flying-by.

My belly this time around is definitely bigger at this stage and my belly button is already threatening to pop-out.  I have felt plenty of stretching around my tummy this week.

Baby’s kicks have been nice and solid this last week which is reassuring.  Trevor can also feel them now which is great.  Somehow, it makes him feel more connected.  Trevor has already started talking to bump as apparently at this stage they might respond to sound.

We had our anomaly scan at week 20 and am thankful to say that all appears well with our Baby Dot.  The sonographer suggested that baby was measuring a few days ahead of our due date.  We did find out Dot’s gender but will be keeping that a surprise.



I have been feeling increasingly anxious about labour due to the issues I had during Jack’s delivery.  Last time, I was unable to attend any of the ante-natal classes as they were fully booked so I was adamant that I would book early this time.  I called at week 20 only to find that the classes being run in Berkshire are currently being reviewed and that I should await a letter from the Community Midwives.  I am now really worried that I won’t get to attend any sessions this time around either.

That’s about it for now.  We hope you will join us in a couple of weeks for our 22  to 24 week update.

Lisa x


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