The essential baby items list – What you really need (and don’t)

Prior to having your first baby, you will come across a lengthy list of ‘must-haves’ for when baby arrives.  Naively, you jump in feet first and buy the full list.

We was sensible enough however, to research the brands/models that we preferred of the listed items and waited for them to come up somewhere in a sale before snapping them up.  One-by-one, we ticked through our list and felt somewhat smug when it was complete.

Here are the things that I found a complete waste of money:

  1. Nappy bin – These units cost about £15 and the cartridges are ridiculously expensive.  We now buy 300 Tesco Value nappy bags for 35p.
  2. Changing unit – We bought ours from Mothercare to match our Nursery furniture.  Hardly good money sense at £159 when it’s only been used a few times.  We instead use a fold-up changing mat which cost us £4, placed nicely on the living room floor.  The changing unit now makes for a good dumping ground.
  3. Stretch mark cream – I was lucky enough only to get a few stretch marks and they are barely noticeable.  I’ve tried numerous creams/gels and girls, I’m afraid that they do not work!  Save your pennies.
  4. Disposable briefs – oh dear, these are shockingly pants!  Buy a 5pk of super soft ‘Bridget’s’ instead.
  5. Top ‘n’ tail bowl – don’t you have enough bowls or containers already?
  6. Baby bath or bath seat – you only need one or the other.  We opted for the seat and use it all the time.
  7. Nursing chair – to go in the baby’s nursery which goes unused for 6 months whilst they sleep in your room!  Use your bed or sofa instead.
  8. Soft teddies or toys – don’t bother, you’ll be swamped with these as gifts.
The changing unit that doesn't get used

The changing unit that doesn’t get used

The things I really needed (and sometimes lots of):

  1. Maternity towels – sorry girls but you will bleed for about 6wks after birth.  I used about 15pks of 10x maternity pads during the first 4wks.  Buy in bulk!
  2. Nipple pads – those leaking boobies will squirt the length of the bath easily.  You won’t believe your eyes!  Buy lots of pads, you’ll need them.
  3. Nipple cream – only use Lansinoh Lanolin cream.  Nothing else will do.
  4. A thermal flask – unfortunately, I was unable to breastfeed as I didn’t get enough supply.  Boiling kettles to make milk throughout the night will soon get you down!  Boiled water ready at your fingertips for that urgent milk requirement in the middle of the night is priceless.  And sleep…
  5. Formula milk – just incase you are unable to breastfeed.  Baby needs feeding through the night whether your breasts allow or not.
  6. Hot water bottle – we used this to keep the Moses basket warm when baby was being fed through the night.  Putting them back into a cold Moses will shock their little system and make them wake quick fast.
  7. Wet-wipes – you’ll use lots of them.  We easily go through a pack every 2 days.
  8. Grobags – at first we used blankets and it freaked me out.  We bought some Grobags from The Gro Company and I now know that Jack is sleeping safely.  We sleep better in return.
The stretch mark creams I have tried and still have stretch marks.

The stretch mark creams I have tried.

Items I LOVE and highly recommend:

  1. Baby breathing monitor – best and most valuable piece of kit invented.  Fact!
  2. Grobags – I know I listed this before but these are fantastic!
  3. Baby carrier – we bought the BabyBjorn Carrier One and it is great!  Ticks all the safety boxes.
  4. Travel system – car seat that slots straight onto ‘pram frame’ when baby is sleeping!  Win!
  5. Steam steriliser – quick turnaround of bottles and stays in the microwave when not in use.  Who wants a big electronic steriliser hogging the work tops?
  6. Infacol – Jack struggled with his wind at first and this literally stopped any pain and struggle to bring up his burps.
  7. Muslins – you’ll want loads of these dotted all over the house!  You never know when baby will vomit.
  8. Mum & Me Baby Wash by Cussons – we found Johnsons too harsh for newborn skin.
The ever increasing teddy pile

The ever increasing teddy pile

Good luck with your purchases.  I hope the above will assist you, even if a little x

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