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Newbury Soup Kitchen - Supporting the Homeless - The Love of a Captain Blog

Newbury Soup Kitchen – Supporting the Homeless

The Newbury Soup Kitchen is a voluntary organisation providing help and support to the Newbury homeless community and those less fortunate than others.  Having stumbled across their organisation a couple of times on Social Media, and because of the current…

post pals

Kindness Challenge – Day 4

Have you heard of Post Pals?  This wonderful small charity invites members of the public to send cards, letters or little gifts, to seriously ill children and their siblings to make them smile and feel less isolated.  …


Kindness Challenge – Day 3

Today is International Volunteer Day and as part of my 14-Day Kindness Challenge, I could think of no better use for my blog than to help raise awareness for a good cause.  Choosing a charity to get involved with was always going to…