What does it take to be a superhero mum?

Wow! Motherhood is tough.  Who would have thought it?  Being a mummy really is a 24hr job and is certainly not for the fainthearted.


Since having Jack I have had a serious reality check, no longer do I have time to straighten my hair each morning, put on my mascara and iron my clothes, well maybe once a week!  Neither do I get to drink hot tea or eat hot food, take relaxing baths or just pop to the shops.  New clothes/shoes and a trip to the hairdressers?  Forget it!  These days I much prefer to enjoy the sick on my shoulder, ever-growing laundry pile and household chores – honest.


My life has basically been hit by a whirlwind of baby bedlam and an avalanche of baby goods; playmat, walker, highchair, swing, toys and a giant sleep-in teddy just to name a few which now reside in our nursery, formally the living room.  Our home is no longer one that is lived in by two adults but a kingdom fit for a baby, decorated to the max with photos of our little prince.

Until you are a mum, you cannot truly understand the sacrifices and commitment a mum makes for her children but to put it simply, a mum wouldn’t have it any other way.  You see, a mums’ love for her children is unconditional and cannot be compared to anything else.  Every last penny and moment will be spent on her little ones without a second thought.


Step aside Batman, mums are the real superheros!

My mum, without doubt, is my superhero.  The creator of a perfect family home and an unforgettable childhood for both me and my brother.  I have so many fun memories as a youngster thanks to my mum:

  • Holidays to Walton-on-the-Naze; the arcades, visits to the pier, photos with scary men dressed as oversized bears and sand in your pants from the beach.
  • Six-week holiday group; endless sports competitions including the one where mum hit a rounder having tripped-over and done a forward roll, mid-run.
  • Playing outdoors; Cricket and football matches in our street using makeshift chalk-on-the-wall posts, hide and seek in the street and throwing waterbombs at Aunty Kim as she passed the walkway (mums idea!) just to name a few.

Trouble is, being a mum isn’t just about the fun stuff.  As kids, perhaps naively, we overlook the hard work that our mums put in and the sacrifices they make.  My mum never stops, she is on the go 24/7 but you never hear her complain, as far as she is concerned, its her job.


So Mum and now nanny, thanks for everything you have done and continue to do for all of us with so much love.  You have taught me the most valuable lesson in life (without me even realising) and that is how to be a mum.  You are amazing and quite simply, our superhero!  xx

mumchaz IMG_8149

Love always,

Lisa x


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    A Moment with Franca
    August 30, 2015 at 7:39 am

    You look like your mum a lot!!! Nice post. It is true we should be very grateful for what our mums have done for us. Reading this makes me think that I miss not having my mum and my family around. They are in Peru so it is not easy to see each other that often ;-( anyway, thanks for sharing this,xx

    • Reply
      August 30, 2015 at 1:35 pm

      Hey Franca, thanks for visiting our post. I get to see Mum about once a month for a couple of days and I find that tough enough. xx

  • Reply
    August 30, 2015 at 12:03 am

    How sweet of you to acknowledge your mother! It really is a job that people can’t understand until they’re in it! Thanks for being part of #TwinklyTuesday!

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