Jacks First Week at Nursery – Ouch!

I have to admit, handing my boy over at Nursery on Monday hurt, a bit like a dagger in the chest!

I had been trying to ignore the fact that Jack would be starting Nursery as the thought of it was making me feel sick.  When people have asked me about it, I have been quick to change the subject.  All I’ve had for the past few weeks, without prompt, is, “Oh, he’ll be fine”.  Quite honestly, I’ve had to bite my tongue.  After all, who knows Jack like I do?  Who’s to say he’d be fine?

So Monday came around all too soon and the alarm sounded at 6:30am.  Trevor got up with Jack and got him ready (washed, fed and clothed) allowing me to concentrate on getting ready for work.  I was thankful too, as I couldn’t face Jack just yet, knowing where I would be taking him that morning.

The moment I clapped eyes on Jack, I started to well up and grabbed the camera for his first day at Nursery photos.  I gave him the longest hug possible before setting off.  I didn’t notice the silence in the car at all, I was doing my best to occupy my mind.


Trevor grabbed Jack from the car whilst I was busy trying to clear the lump from my throat and put on a brave face.  Jack was all smiles until the door opened to the Nursery and he realised what was going on.  We’d left him there a couple of times last week in an attempt to settle him in.

Jack’s bottom lip started to go and he held his arms out for me to take him whilst bursting into tears.  That was it, I went to pieces.  The Nursery team were brilliant and reassured us quickly.  They took Jack before he could get too upset and headed for the toys.  Already he had calmed down whilst we looked on for all of a minute whilst signing him in.

I hurried off and sobbed in the corridor.

That morning at work, I kept myself busy and to be fair, before I knew it I was flying out the door to collect Jack.  When I walked into his Nursery room, he clocked me quite quickly and gave me the biggest smile.  He got down on all fours and started to crawl for me.  He got half way, sat up and looked at me, then turned around and headed back for one of the Nursery staff.  The heartless little sod!  Served me right for leaving him I suppose.


For the next couple of days, there have been a few tears when dropping him off but I hear that they soon turn in to smiles.  The Nursery have been keeping me updated on how he is getting on and it sounds that he is doing good; exploring his surroundings, enjoying playing and reading, eating all his lunch and having his usual morning nap.

Needless to say, I have missed him loads.  The staff say that he has a lovely character and is a joy to have around.  I’m very proud of him and I think he will be okay after all.

Lisa x


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