Secret Saviours Anti Stretch Mark Pack ~ My Initial Thoughts

I was recently invited to try an Anti Stretch Mark Pack from Secret Saviours.  I am now 28 weeks pregnant and so my bump is growing away nicely.  Having gained some minor stretch marks across the front of my tummy whilst pregnant with Jack, I am keen not to gain anymore during pregnancy no.2.  I was therefore quick to accept Secret Saviours kind offer and detail below, my initial thoughts…

The pack arrived well presented in pretty packaging.  Included in the pack is a Support Band and generously sized bottles of Day Gel (125ml) and Night Cream (125ml) which should last a good while.

secret saviours Set

There are various sizes of band to choose from to suit the size of your bump.  You simply measure around your waist to your belly button and then use the size guide to get the correct one.  The bands come in both black or (baby) pink.

It offers under bump and lower back support which will be very welcome as I am already experiencing back ache.  When carrying Jack, my tummy muscles split and so I need all the back support I can get during this pregnancy.

The band has skin gripping pads on the inside which help hold your skin in place and to even out stresses across the tummy wall so stretch marks find it harder to form.


The Day Gel should be used with the band as it helps the pads to support the skin whilst worn through the day.  The band needs to be taken off before bedtime and the Night Cream then applied.  The cream will keep your skin feeling soft, smooth and supple.

Both the gel and cream have the same lovely scent and neither are greasy which earns a huge thumbs up from me.  I’ve tried a few stretch mark gels previously and found them to be greasy or sticky which put me off using them.

I love that the gel and cream are dermatologically tested and contain hypoallergenic ingredients.  They have not been tested on animals, only humans.

The pack retails at £69.95.  Top-up bottles or larger sized bands (for when your bump grows) can be purchased separately.

I look forward to putting the pack to the test and will post some reviews as my pregnancy progresses.

Before I start using the pack, here is a close-up photo of my previously gained stretch marks which are very minimal (next to the left hand side of my belly button)…


The Facts

According to Secret Saviours, the band, gel and cream were created by a surgeon and a tissue engineering professor and is scientifically proven to prevent stretch marks in 7 out of 10 pregnant women.

Stretch marks affect more than 70% of women and are permanent.  The good news is that stretch marks can be avoided!  Secret Saviours suggest for optimum results, that the pack be used from weeks 12-14 right through to birth.

To learn more about Secret Saviours and stretch marks or to browse their online shop, you can visit

Lisa x

*I was sent this product for free and in exchange for my honest review.  All thoughts and photos are my own.  ‘The Facts’ detailed above are taken from the information sheet that arrived with the pack.



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