Review: VTech Little friendlies Sweet Dreams (Musical Cot Light)

Brief Description: Ceiling projector and musical cot light with melodies, nature sounds and images.

We bought this for Jack using the Mothercare vouchers we had been given as a gift when he was born.  The unit was in a sale at the time so was an absolute bargain.  Usually it retails at about £30.00 but even at full price I think it is still reasonable.

I think that this little gadget is absolutely lovely and great for stimulating a baby’s senses.  Jack is almost 6 months old and finds the gentle flashing lights and sounds mesmerising.  He likes to reach out to touch the lights and likes to watch the projected image on the ceiling.  There are 2 projector images; night and day which can be changed via a switch on the top.  It gives off just enough light for bedtime and doesn’t over illuminate the room.

There are 56 melodies, 4 songs and 13 nature sounds which cycle through on a loop.  They are all very calming, especially the nature sounds.  They can be skipped along to the next tune by pressing the leaf button on the front.

IMG_8583 IMG_8594

There is a volume control dial and also a 10, 20 and 30 minute timer switch which can be set to automatically turn the unit off which will be brilliant when Jack is sleeping in his own room.  A clever sound sensor re-activates the unit should it detect the baby crying (when unit has been left switched on).

The unit is connected to the cot using 2 straps and requires 4x AA batteries.

I would highly recommend this product and it is fair to say that Jack loves it.  I cannot think of any improvements that could make this unit any better, the designers have pretty much thought of everything.  I have seen it in a few of the big retail stores so it is easy to get your hands on.  I am definitely pleased we picked it up.

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