Review: uGrow Smart Monitor by Philips Avent

If you are currently in the market for a baby monitor, then you might like to read our review below, about the uGrow Smart monitor by Philips Avent.  We’ve been using this monitor now for a good few weeks and we are seriously impressed.  

It is a clever application and video monitoring system that allows you to watch baby from wherever you are, on any iOS or Android operating system.

The monitor is simple to set-up (via Wi-Fi and the use of a QR code) and quick and easy to move around the house.

The monitor offers great visual quality, up to 720p HD, in both daylight (full colour) and darkness (infrared black and white).  The sound quality is excellent too.  It’s the all round package for monitoring your child whilst they sleep.

The camera is really convenient during the day.  I sometimes set-up the monitor in the Living Room if I need to crack on with making lunch etc, whilst the boys are sleeping.

uGrow monitor

The camera angle can be adjusted manually but not remotely.  Personally, we haven’t found this to be an issue as the camera has a good viewing range.  A wall mount is also supplied should you prefer to use that option.

Functions include the ability to take snapshots, which I love.  Also, to receive notifications when baby cries, when their room temperature is uncomfortable, or humidity too high.

Using the uGrow’s TalkBack function, you can communicate with baby using the app, from wherever you are.

Ten different lullabies can be operated directly via the camera in your baby’s room, or remotely via the app.  You can set a timer and choose which songs to play.

The multi-colour nightlight can also be started directly via the camera, or operated remotely.  The colour of the light can be adjusted, and a timer can be set to decide when to display it.

ugrow night light

The app can be used actively in foreground mode, or in the background while using your phone for other things.  In background mode, the app will have reduced power consumption but it will keep you informed when your baby starts crying.

With its SafeConnect technology, the connection is completely secure and private.  The baby monitor automatically switches between networks for a continuous connection to your baby.

We find that a strong Wi-Fi connection is required to ensure that the monitor operates smoothly at all times.  If the internet connection drops out, the monitor will constantly reconnect.  It will notify you if your connection cannot be restored.

Note: Operating the monitor without Wi-Fi will mean that your mobile data allowance is used.

Full uGrow details can be found on the Philips Website.

Lisa x ugrow

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    March 10, 2017 at 10:27 am

    This looks brilliant, I would have loved this when the boys were small. Fab review.

    Stevie xx

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