Review: Merries Pull-Up Pants

We were recently invited to try some nappies from the Merries or Moony ranges of Japanese Nappies.  After checking out the reviews online and the different options available, we opted for the Merries Pull-up Pants.

We had only ever used standard nappies for Jack before and hadn’t yet considered the pull-up type.  Jack hates having his nappy changed at the best of times as he doesn’t like being led down.  We therefore thought that the pull-ups could be a better and easier option and so decided to give them a go.

We checked through the sizes available and chose the 12 – 22 kgs sized pack of 38 ‘pants’.  The nappies arrived in pretty packaging however the writing was in Japanese.  To be fair, no-one needs instructions (surely) on how to put on a pull-up nappy but there are plenty of diagrams on the packaging which highlight the special features.


My first thought on opening the pack, was just how soft the nappies were.  The nappies are made of a microporous material which allow a babies bottom to breathe and the inside of the nappy is made of a super soft cotton for comfort.

The material is nice and stretchy which gives a baby freedom to move around whilst the deepened pocket in the rear of the nappy, absorbent core lining and layer of material between the leg and nappy work great to prevent leaks.

There is an indicator strip to highlight when baby needs changing and a sticky strip at the back which can be used to roll the nappy when used.  You can also easily tear down the sides to remove the pants if soiled.


The design has been really well thought-out and in my opinion, these pull-ups are better than your standard nappy which I find in comparison to be bulky and less forgiving on the skin.

Jack has been using these pull-ups for two weeks now and we have made every effort to put them to the test for a fair review.  Jack has worn them to bed (where he is a fidget), at a soft-play centre (where he was very active), to nursery and generally around the house.

We have not experienced a single leak of pee or poo and have had no need to apply any cream as his skin has been noticeably drier and free from rash.  He is far happier and more willing for us to change his nappy now as it is a quicker process.  We’ve even been able to change him standing up when he has been grumpy.


These pull-ups fit really well to the bottom and do not bulge under Jack’s clothing.  These are the closest thing to actual pants that you are going to get.

These are by far the best nappies that we have used and we’ve tried numerous different brands including the leading brands and supermarket brands.

You can visit their website for further reviews and information or their shop to make a purchase.  You won’t be disappointed.

Lisa x

*I was invited to review these Merries nappies for free in exchange for my honest review.  All thoughts and photos are my own.



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    Margaret Gallagher
    September 26, 2016 at 8:21 pm

    I’ve not heard of these before
    Certainly worth a try especially as there is no leaking x
    Thanks for the review

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