Pregnancy Update: Weeks 36 – 38

Thank you for sharing our pregnancy journey.  Here is our update for weeks 36 – 38.

38 weeks pregnant – 14 days to go

Baby Dot should now be about 49cms long.  At 36weeks, we had a further growth scan and baby was measuring large at 7lb12oz.

This was bump at 37weeks.

37wk bump

This week, our due date shall enter in to single figures so we’ve been making sure everything is ready:

  • Hospital Bags are packed
  • Early Labour checklist is hanging on the fridge
  • Birth Plan has been printed
  • Babysitter and travel to hospital is arranged
  • Babies clothes, Moses basket, travel system pram and bouncer/swing have all be cleaned
  • House has been cleaned throughout

Hospital Bag

It is hard to believe that we was doing all these things in preperation for Jack, just 16months ago.

Having met with the Consultant last week, we have decided not to be induced early (due to baby’s presumed size).  We published a post last week about how and why we came to our decision which you can read here if you are interested ~ Why I have chosen NOT to be induced.

A huge decision was made this week also, we now know what our new arrival will be called after 38wks of mind changing.

We have been trying to think of some pressie ideas for Jack from baby.  It’s not every day you become a big brother after all and I don’t want him to feel left out.

Our next appointment is with our GP on Thursday – will I make it that far?  It’s just a waiting game now 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to read our latest update.

Be happy – Lisa x


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