Pregnancy Update: Weeks 28 – 30

Thank you for sharing our pregnancy journey.  Here is our update for weeks 28 to 30.

30weeks pregnant – 68 days to go

Baby Dot is now about 40cms long and weighs about 1.3kg.

In week 28, I met my new midwife for the first time and left having found no confidence in her whatsoever.  She must have been having a bad day as she was by no means friendly or approachable.  I had a few questions for her as I hadn’t seen anyone since week 15…

  • I asked that she arrange for me to see a Consultant Midwife to go over my previous labour issues.  She looked at me in amusement, and pretty much suggested that I was wasting their time.  I was not impressed as I have been feeling really anxious about labour this time around, so much so that I’ve been waking from bad dreams.  She finally agreed to request an appointment for me after triple-checking that I definitely had to see one.
  • I missed out on ante-natal classes when pregnant with Jack and felt panicked the whole time through labour.  What with my anxiety issues at the moment, I think its important that I attend some.  Berkshire have a shortage of staff willing to take these classes at the moment and so are outsourcing them privately to NCT.  She told me to call the ante-natal class line again and suggest that the midwife said I arrange some, which I did and this time, had no trouble booking a class.
  • I asked about Delayed Cord Clamping and was told that this is now standard routine in Berkshire and the subject was left there.  I shall make a point of asking all about it when attending the NCT class and then telling the midwifery team when I arrive at the labour ward.

During week 28 I also had my whopping cough jab which will protect baby until they are 8 weeks old.

We visited Ultrasound Direct for our free re-scan having not been able to get a clear scan the first time around as baby was being cheeky.  The images we got were incredible and can be seen on our previous post ‘My 4D scan experience with Ultrasound Direct’.

On Thursday, I began my maternity leave so that I have enough time to sort the house and chill out for a little before ‘Dot’ arrives.

This weekend we have brought down Jack’s baby stuff from the loft, i.e. moses basket, travel system, swing and bouncer etc. all for cleaning ready for baby’s arrival.  Jack helped tested all the sound buttons!  We also have loads of clothes to sort through so we know what we need to buy fresh.


Jack’s cot was moved into the nursery yesterday to make room for baby in ours.  It’s only taken 14months but we got there!

Next on my to-do-list is to pack my hospital bag – eek!  The big day is coming around super fast and I want to make sure everything is ready in good time.

That’s about all from us for now, these last couple of weeks of pregnancy have definitely been more busy than usual.  Thanks for taking the time to read our latest update.

Lisa x



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    March 30, 2016 at 8:39 am

    So exciting, getting baby stuff from the loft must make it all seem real again. I recommend the nct classes, although what they teach you I think you will probably already know, you will meet some great people. Looking forward to the next installment.

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