Pregnancy Update: Weeks 26 – 28

Thank you for sharing our pregnancy journey.  Here is our update for weeks 26 to 28.

28weeks pregnant – 84 days to go

Baby Dot is now about 38cms long and weighs just over a kilo.

Time is flying now with just 84 days to go until ‘Dot’ arrives.  We still have so much to do already and the countdown is on:

  • Baby’s moses basket, pram and swing need to come down from the loft for cleaning
  • Newborn clothing needs purchasing and washing (preparing for a summer baby this time)
  • Baby’s cot needs fixing and placing in the Nursery
  • Jack needs moving into his own room to make space for the baby in ours (yes! he is still in ours)
  • Hospital bag items need purchasing and packing

So much to do in such little time!

I continue to feel anxious about the labour but thankfully I get to meet with my midwife tomorrow.  I haven’t seen anyone since week 15 so it’ll be good to go over some of my concerns.  I have at page full of questions at the ready.

Last week, I started to come out in itchy red pimples all over my body but more so on my belly.  I visited the doctor who sent me for an urgent blood test to check on my liver function.  I haven’t heard anything back from them so can only assume that the results showed no anomalies.  The pimples and itching were gone within a couple of days so I didn’t feel the need to follow it up but I’ll be sure to check the results with my Midwife.

On Sunday, we visited Ultrasound Direct in Newbury for a Babybond 4D Bonding Scan.  Say hello to Baby Dot…

4D scan

Baby looks so much like Jack, its unreal.  We couldn’t get a clearer shot as baby was hiding its face so we’ve booked in for a free rescan this coming Tuesday.  The checks confirmed that baby is growing away nicely and is measuring a few days early.  Hopefully, baby will be less cheeky on Tuesday.

That’s about all from us for now.  Thanks for taking the time to read our latest update.

Lisa x



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