Pregnancy Update: Weeks 24 – 26

Thank you for sharing our pregnancy journey.  Here is our update for weeks 24 to 26.

26weeks pregnant – 97 days to go

Baby Dot is now about 35.6cm long and weighs approximately 760g.  Now the size of a magnum bottle of wine.

So we are now into double figures with just 97 days to go until ‘Dot’ arrives.  How is that even possible already?

I have been feeling very well in terms of my pregnancy recently and definitely find the 2nd trimester to be the easiest.

Thoughts have turned to preparing for baby’s arrival and the impending doom that is labour.  I definitely wont be preparing a birth plan this time.  In an ideal world, we would all experience our perfect birth but in reality, we all know that doesn’t happen.  I am simply going to go with the flow.

My first questions on arrival to hospital shall be:

  1. What pain relief options do I have?
  2. When can I have them?

This time we will also need a babysitter for Jack and what with my mum being in London, some 2hrs away, she shall have to get a move on.  I just hope I can spend a few hours at home before heading to the hospital to give her a chance to get here, otherwise, Jack shall be making a trip to the hospital with us until she gets down.

I’m finding it really odd this time, as my midwife and doctor appointments have been far less frequent.  I haven’t seen anyone since week 15 (apart from my 20wk scan) and so I’m looking forward to week 28 when I shall be seeing my midwife.  I have plenty to ask her and need to arrange to see the consultant midwife about my first labour issues.  I like the idea of delayed cord clamping and want to get more info.

I still haven’t heard about my ante-natal classes yet from the hospital and hope that they haven’t forgotten about me, I shall also be running this past my midwife.  I didn’t get to attend any last time and I think they’d help my confidence somewhat during labour.

We have started to discuss baby names and already have a few that we like and agree on.  We wont be letting those out-of-the-bag just yet.

That’s about all from us for now.  Thanks for taking the time to read our latest update.

Until the next time… be happy.

Lisa x


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