Pregnancy and a fear of needles

I clearly remember the first time I became fearful of needles.  It had something to do with the needle headed straight for my mouth, getting increasing bigger, like in some horror story.  My mum had to have serious words with the dentist when he gave me a telling off for trying to jump out of the chair.

Only 5 minutes early, I was waiting outside the front of the surgery, alone, ready to make a run for the bus should it come along.  Instead my name was called by the dental nurse.

Perhaps my fear also stems from being carried to the nurse at secondary school after one of the routine jabs had made me feel, let’s say, peculiar.

Every need for an injection since has been avoided like the plague.  In fact, I cannot even watch one being given on screen.

So, imagine my face during my first Midwife meeting when she gave me a schedule of the appointments I would need to attend during the pregnancy.  Immediately I saw the vast number of blood tests and immunisations I would require.  Now wait a minute, I hadn’t realised this, but then perhaps that was a good thing.

Trevor had to attend each blood test with me.  I would wait whilst each doomed person went ahead of me, getting increasing sweaty as my turn drew closer.  Trevor would have to hold my hand whilst I buried my head in his chest, bit my lip and hummed a tune in my head.  To be fair, the tests never hurt it was just about the fear factor.

I knew as the pregnancy weeks past and went, that the need for tests would also but when the young male nurse told me that the blood test he was giving me at the time would be my last, I wanted to kiss him. Luckily, he was ugly so I didnt.

I think that having to have so many during pregnancy has helped with my fear somewhat, each one did get easier for me but the element is still there.  I discovered this when poor Jack had to have his first jabs.  Needless to say, Trevor held Jack whilst I looked away armed with dummy and Geoffrey the Giraffe.  Unlike his mummy, Jack was brave and totally fine. Maybe something to do with the drops given shortly after, he liked those!

In a bizarre twist, I have decided that I am going to give blood.  Yes, I did just say that.  Perhaps somewhat selfish, but since Jack has even born I often worry that one day he may need someone’s help so why shouldn’t I help someone else.  I shall also register to be an organ donor.  Could you conquer your fear and become a blood donor too?

NHSBT – Give Blood Registration

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