A (very slow) trip up the road to Oxford

A 24-mile trip to Oxford from Newbury seemed hours away with a car that had caused nothing but trouble the day previous.  That said and with our car full to it’s bursting point as usual, we made our way up the A34 at a steady 40mph pace.  As each coach, lorry and car/trailer overtook us, the little voice in my head was repeating, ‘please don’t break down’, ‘please don’t break down’.  Poor Simon, Stevie (aka A Cornish Mum) and boys were following us in their car.  They must have been cursing.

We was very surprised when we arrived to find that parking was £17.50 each for 6hrs, which quite honestly is a disgusting ask.  How is that allowed?  Having had no choice, we paid and took the short walk to Oxford Castle.

IMG_8369 IMG_8336

Trevor and I gained entry to the Castle using our Tesco Clubcard points so whether it was to be good or bad, the tour hadn’t cost us anything.

We waited about 10minutes for the next tour guide.  A very excitable chap arrived, in full costume with his ‘welcome to the tour’ speech.  This was going to be a very long 45-minute tour, I thought!

As we had Jack in a carrier, I nominated myself to remain at the foot of the Tower with Jack (something to do with my extreme fear of heights) whilst the others climbed to the top for views over Oxford.  Good timing really as I was able to feed Jack before they all got back to continue on with the tour.  The views were good, apparently.

IMG_8346 IMG_8349

We proceeded down to an underground room where the guide reckoned that the wine, food and dead bodies would have been kept.  Lovely!

IMG_8357 IMG_8360

To complete the tour we went through to some prisons cells and had our ‘mugshots’ taken by the guide in order to sell us some magnets or keyrings complete with photo.  The usual money-spinner we all know and love.  Needless to say, I bought a magnet at £4.50.

The tour was actually quite good and the guide turned out to be very informative and managed to keep everyone interested throughout.  I’d recommend it.


We all decided that we would grab some lunch before proceeding to the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.  We managed to find a seat on ground level even if it did mean sitting next to the resident loon.  Jack’s buggy means taking the easy option these days.

When we got to the museum, I was off like a kid in a sweet shop.  I had bought myself a new camera a few years back but have never really had the opportunity to explore with it.  So, with my all-singing-and-dancing camera set to Auto (like any wannabe pro) I went about my business.


I found the Museum brilliant for both adults and children and a bonus was that it was free to gain entry.  I shall be writing a Review on the Oxford University Museum of Natural History soon.

IMG_8428 IMG_8483

It was safe to say that we was all tired following a long but great day.  It was great to catch up with Stevie, who joined us back home for some dinner and blogging talk whilst her boys helped Trevor to christen his new darts board.

IMG_8370 IMG_8492


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