Our Easter Weekend

This Easter weekend meant one thing – family time.  It’s been a while since we had more than a couple of days off together as a family and we certainly made the most of them.

On Good Friday, we woke nice and early and decided (last minute) that we would visit Bristol Zoo.  We took Jack there when he was 7 months old and we loved it.  The sun was shining bright and we eventually set off at about 1’o’clock armed with a picnic.

The traffic was kind to us considering it was a Bank Holiday weekend and we got there in good time.  Jack, now 7 months older than the previous visit, was showing his excitement straight away at the monkeys who were having a crazy moment, throwing themselves across the ropes.  He was chuckling and clapping away.

butfly  carzoo

As we made our way around the zoo, he showed lots of enthusiasm towards the animals and loved watching the other kids running around.  He loved the Butterfly Forest and Lion enclosure, whilst Mr Seal gave him a fright when he let out a screech.

We visited the shop on the way out and Jack noticed the stuffed toy parrots (which reminded him of ‘Rio’, his favourite movie) so we treated him and he hasn’t put ‘Rio’ down since.

On Saturday, we took Jack for his first haircut which didn’t go down to well.  As soon as he sat in the chair, he wanted off and screamed the place down.  After his super quick haircut we took him for a well-deserved toasted teacake down the café.


Daddy played football on Saturday afternoon, whilst Jack and myself had fun at home with Rio and in Jack’s toyroom.

On Sunday, we took Jack swimming and bumped into some ducks in the car park.  We stopped and fed them some seed which we always keep in the car as we visit our local lakes often.  That afternoon, Jack was cuddling ‘Rio’ so we sat down as a family and watched ‘Rio 2’.


During Jack’s afternoon nap, we decided to get Jack’s baby things down from the loft for cleaning and preparing for baby’s arrival.

On Easter Monday, we stayed at home and had a spring clean.  Jack’s cot was moved from our room into his nursery and at 14months he shall now be sleeping in his own room.


Jack made a start on his Easter Egg and we treated ourselves to a Dominos Pizza to finish off a lovely weekend.  If only every weekend lasted 4days.

How did you enjoy your Easter weekend?

Lisa x


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