My 9 Pregnancy Bugbears

During pregnancy, just about everything has the potential to get a women’s back up however insignificant it might be, we all know that.  Here are my 9 pregnancy bugbears…


ONE – Negative comments on your choice of baby names

Right up there for me is people expressing their negative opinions on your choice of potential baby names.  Its difficult enough choosing the perfect name, that both parents agree on without the unsolicited thoughts and rolling of eyes by others.   This time, we aren’t sharing our name ideas with anyone.

TWO – People touching baby bump

Seriously, if you think it is okay to participate in this invasion of space, then think again and back away from the bump.  Enough said.

THREE – Wise guys

No, please, stop with the jokes and comments, the hilarity is killing me, ‘Are you sure that you aren’t carrying twins’, ‘Ohh, someone’s been eating all the pies’ and ‘haven’t you popped yet?’ just to name a few.  Yes, I am pregnant, get over it already – some remarks are better left unsaid and may be met with a less-than-polite and totally justified response.

FOUR – ‘Friendly’ opinions

I have to admit, I’m sometimes guilty of this but when people try giving me parenting advice it does get my back up a bit.  Especially from someone who isn’t a parent themselves.  If I ask for your help, then that’s cool!

FIVE – Having to pee – ALL THE TIME!

For an entire 40 weeks, I practically need to pee!  It drives me insane.  I’m considering a shewee to spare my sanity.

SIX – Lack of sleep

Not being about to sleep during pregnancy is definitely natures way of teaching us that we shall never enjoy a good nights sleep again.  From about 25weeks pregnant with Jack I don’t think I’ve slept through the night.  He is now 13months old.

SEVEN – Body changes

Come on, give us a break.  Like we need more reasons to be emotional.  Constipation, acne, loss of hair, forgetfulness, achy boobs, stretch marks, swollen ankles and not to mention the huge belly and butt – they’ll all make us feel rubbish at some point during pregnancy.

EIGHT – Not being able to find maternity clothes

During pregnancy, a mum-to-be will feel like a dollop most of the time and finding clothes to fit nicely is near impossible.  Why do retailers make it so difficult for us?  Putting the maternity section at the back end of the top floor of a department store or by not stocking any maternity wear at all – idiots!  I refuse to buy maternity clothes online – chances are they wont fit!

NINE – Your partner

Just for breathing most of the time, but don’t worry boys, you’ll be our best friends again some day.  We’ll literally need you, love you and want to kill you all at the same time and there isn’t anything you can do about it, apart from rub our back some more, that could help the situation but I’m not promising.

Have I missed any?  It’s likely….

Lisa x



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    March 28, 2016 at 7:56 am

    My smallest ‘baby’ might be ten now (eek) but I still remember how much I hated a lot of being pregnant…. apparently some women ‘glow’ meh I so didn’t! !

    Stevie xx

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