My Bucket List before motherhood (in hinesight)

Yesterday morning, I was awakened by the usual ‘I want my breakfast milk’ cry.  ‘What I would do for a lie-in’, I thought.  That gave me the idea for this post.

I was always so sure that I would never have children so had never really given any thought to a ‘bucket list’ that I should complete beforehand.

So, what are the things I wished I had done before becoming a mum?

  • Sleep – you will never appreciate just how amazing sleep is until you become a parent.  Every milli-second of sleep is a bonus these days and if I awake before Jack at 6am, then that’s just the start of a great day!


  • Travel – and I don’t mean for months on end.  I mean holidays where you can experience different things.  I never understand why people go to the same place.  The world has lots of amazing places for us to see!  Thankfully, I was able to drink a Daiquiri in Cuba, visit the Temples in Luxor, drink Scotch in The Highlands and get engaged by the Eiffel Tower.  I just wished I had got to see and do more both in the UK and abroad.



  • Enjoy my money – I have never been a materialistic girl so never ‘wasted’ my money on expensive things.  I still dont see the point to be honest but because of always saving my money, I have discovered that I went without quite a lot.  I do wish that I had bought myself new clothes, got my hair done and nails painted.  I always just made-do instead.  These days I am hardly able to spend any money on myself so those little luxuries would have been lovely.
  • Learn a trade – I’ve always been an administrator which turns out to be quite useless when you’re a SAHM.  Being able to work from home would be a great way of bringing home the pennies these days so learning a trade would have been worthwhile.
  • Learn to cook – cooking toast without burning it is an achievement for me.  Being able to cook-up a treat with random ingredients would be great.  I usually cook the same meals throughout a given week which is pretty boring.  Now that Jack is here, I’d love to be able to cook him up a treat.

So it turns out that my bucket list would have been made up of all the simple things life has to offer.  If I could go back, I certainly wouldn’t have been so worried about saving for a rainy day, I would have lived for the moment.

But all is not lost, these days I have a new bucket list; enjoying special times with MY gorgeous little family and giving Jack all I have to offer.  My vacations may be different and my hair might be a mess but being with Jack and Trevor is all that matters now.  I have new and more important dreams to enjoy.

What should have been on your Bucket List?


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