Kindness Challenge – Day 2

For day 2 of my kindness challenge, I want to talk about some beautiful friends.

They are 3 wonderful people who I no longer get to see as often as I would like, but who I still consider to be my closest of friends.

Distance and family commitments may separate us but our friendship and their loyalty will always mean everything to me.


—— ♥ ——


We have been best friends for longer than I can remember and I love you to bits.

I have so many fond memories of our childhood together.  The sleepovers, catalogue wishlists, pom-pom making and street games.  School holidays club, Trick-or-treating, Penny for the Guy and of course, Karate.  I could go on and on!

We pretty much grew up together and I know that our friendship will last a lifetime.  The most random of memories will have us sharing a chuckle without fail, every time!

You are the first friend I told when I was expecting the boys and I can’t wait for you to accompany me down the aisle on my Wedding Day.

You are a beautiful women both inside and out and I’m proud to call you my best friend.

Love you Britney x



We met as neighbours and thankfully, the birth of your first born gave us reason to share our first cuppa.  Since that day, we have been great friends.

You are a genuine, lovely, thoughtful and caring person and someone I will always hold dear.  You and your family mean the world to me.

I have confided in you more times than I care to remember (or mention) and you have always supported my life choices and let’s face it, there have been a few.  Thank you!

It’s been too long since I’ve seen you and I miss our catch-ups.  I’m sorry, I must try harder.

Lets get together soon – surely it’s BBQ season?

Love you x



We met at work in 2011 and you took on the nickname of Beyonce thanks to your beautiful baby bumps.

We ‘clicked’ straight away and enjoyed many laughs over handbag dancing, Jamie’s antics, outbursts of song and dairylea on toast.

The two months before you left for Maternity Leave were fun-filled and I knew that we would remain friends.

Whilst our young families keep us busy, we try to keep in touch as often as we can.  Just remember that I value your friendship very much and that you’re always in mind.

You are a wonderful mummy and if anyone deserves every happiness, it’s you.

Let’s meet for tea and cake soon, we have lots to catch up on.

Love you lots – Chrissy-wissy x


Big love and cuddles to you all.

Lisa x






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    Plutonium Sox
    December 4, 2016 at 6:17 pm

    Ah how lovely, I bet they were all so happy to read this. What a lovely friend you are. I do love your kindness challenge and I look forward to following it as the days go on.

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