Jack’s 1st Birthday Celebrations

We decided not to have a big party for Jack’s 1st birthday for a couple of reasons; mainly because he wouldn’t quite appreciate such an event just yet but also because our friends and family are located all over the South of England.  We therefore decided on a weekend of celebrations instead.

We wanted to spend Jack’s 1st birthday day as a family – just Jack, Mummy, Daddy and Baby Dot.  I had asked friends for a few recommendations for local days out as I was having trouble finding one.  We decided on Marwell Zoo which came highly recommended and wasn’t too far away from home.

Jack’s birthday morning started with loads of fuss at home.  He woke to a room full of balloons, banners and presents.  He seemed more interested in the giant Mickey Mouse face balloon than his gifts so after a while we had to start helping him unwrap his gifts. His face was picture perfect and full of smiles.

1st birthday

We had breakfast and dressed ready for Marwell Zoo and thankfully the weather was predicted to be dry so headed off for a fun-fuelled day.  Unfortunately when we arrived it was already raining but hey-ho, we wouldn’t let the rain spoil our day or so we had hoped.

Unfortunately, a lot of the animals were taking shelter as it pretty much rained all day but we did get to see the leopards, wallabies and giraffes in all their glory so it wasn’t all bad.  Jack loved it and that was all that mattered.  That day confirmed that I am definitely a fair-weather parent.


That evening we had arranged an ‘open house’ for our local Newbury friends and family to visit Jack if they had wanted to.  Jack had lots of fun with his friends and it was nice for all the adults to have a catch-up.  As there were a few children and another birthday boy present, we did sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and light the candle 3-times all in the name of fun.  An unwritten rule, right?

The next morning, we headed to London for celebrations, part-2.  Jack was made a fuss of all day and come evening we had a house full of guests.  It was lovely as everyone that we invited came to see Jack and that meant loads to us.  It was another evening of catching up, laughter, cake and even jelly and ice-cream.


I was a very emotional mummy over the weekend.  Jack is our pride and joy and I couldn’t believe that he had turned one.  Trevor and I was of course grateful for all of Jack’s gifts and to all those who helped Jack celebrate his birthday weekend.  He is one very lucky and loved little boy who will always be our baby, whatever his age.

Lisa x


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