Hudson’s 6 Week Update

Hudson is now 6 weeks old which makes me happy and sad in equal measure.  I just wish time would slow down a little so that I can cherish the newborn days for a bit longer.


Since Hudson’s 3 week update, his colic troubles have eased off and he now brings his wind up okay.  He is a much happier little boy as a result and best of all, pain free.

He is now on 6oz of comfort formula milk every 3.5hrs, although he does seem to be craving a bit more these last couple of days so I suspect that he is having a growth spurt.

His neck muscles are nice and strong now and his belly button has healed up nicely.  He is starting to loose the gorgeous dark and thick hair that he was born with just as his big brother did at this stage.

He seems to be awake for slightly longer periods in the day and is a lot more alert.  We already have a nice little feed, poop and sleep routine going on which seems to be the only way to go when you have a toddler to take care of too.

Hudson gave us his first smile in week 5 and has been full of them since.  He has the most gorgeous cheeky grin even if I do say so myself.  There has been lots of cooing too so its official, the interaction with our little man has well and truly started.  I have been catching plenty of photos as for me, these early milestones are some of the best.


We had his 6 week review earlier this week and he is in good health.  He now measures 59cms in length, some 5cms longer than he did at birth and it is noticeable too.  He is already fitting snug in his 0-3 month clothing and will be going into sized 3 nappies this week.

We have been unable to weigh him for a few weeks as our local baby clinic was recently closed and the GP surgery didn’t have any baby scales when we visited this week.  I don’t think it’s acceptable really.

In a couple of weeks time, he is booked in for his first set of immunisations and will also be seeing the health visitor.  I will insist that he is weighed then so we can be sure he is hitting his targets.  I’m not concerned though as he has been feeding just fine.

Hudson seems to be winning over his brother as each day passes.  Jack this week attempted to feed baby his milk and yesterday, took it upon himself to join me and Hudson for a cuddle on the sofa.

Don’t you just wish time had a pause button?

Lisa x

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