Hudson’s 3 Week Update

It’s hard to believe that Hudson is 23 days old.  Already, his birth has been registered, his newborn checks are complete and he has been discharged.

Baby Hudson was born 9 days late, on 15th June at 6:01am after a 3hr and 31min active labour.  It was a huge difference in comparison to Jack’s labour which was 22hrs long and a whole lot more difficult.


Hudson was born using only gas and air for pain relief.  I was hoping to go home the same day as he was born so early in the morning but we had to stay in overnight as Hudson was born in meconium.

Baby had his checks carried out and all was well apart from his hearing test which failed.  We was given a follow up appointment.

Trevor went home to freshen up and to bring Jack to the hospital to meet his new little brother.  Unsurprisingly, he was clueless as to what all the fuss was about over the baby and seemed more interested in running riot in the ward.


We were allowed home the following day and was welcomed by my Mum and Dad.  Hudson was feeding well on the breast and sleeping great.  He was a little dream and I found the first days of healing much easier than previous.  I felt like I was in control.

By day 4 however, the breastfeeding was causing loads of issues and Hudson was latched on all day and night.  I had this trouble with Jack and having put too much pressure on myself before, I suffered PND for 6-months.

The tell-tale signs of previous were presenting themselves already so Trevor and I decided there and then to stop breastfeeding and to start formula feeding.


Jack was showing his displeasure with the baby (due to the continuous crying) and would want cuddling in by whoever was holding the baby.  He was clearly feeling left out, although we was doing our best to involve him.  All expected and natural reactions I know but I couldn’t help but feel sad for him.

The HV came to visit Hudson when he was 6 days old and he weighed in at 9lb4oz which was great, only a tiny loss on his birth weight.

We registered his birth on the same day, and he also had his heel prick test and follow-up hearing test done.  Again, his hearing test failed.  I did become concerned at that point.

On day 8, his cord detached neatly and I felt far more comfortable dressing him and on day 9, he had his first bath.  We had been topping and tailing up until that point.  It’s so much easier when you can just clean them in the bath.


Jack started to show some interest in Hudson at this point, much to our relief by bringing his comforter and dummy to him.  It was lovely to watch, I felt so proud of him.  A tiny gesture but huge breakthrough.

He was weighed again on day 12 at 9lb8oz and was given a further hearing test.  This time he got clear responses back and so, much to our relief, all was well with his hearing.  Hudson was discharged 2wks after he was born, on the 28th June.

Just over a week after switching to formula milk, we had to change Hudson’s milk to Comfort formula.  He had been suffering really bad with colic and it was tough seeing little man suffer so much.  We saw results straight away and he was a different boy by morning, far more relaxed and bringing up his wind fine.  Phew!

At 2.5wks old, Hudson made his first trip to London to visit my side of the family.  He was a very popular boy indeed and got showered with cuddles, cards and pressies.  He is a lucky boy.  Mum took our first family photo of four.


Jack’s interest in Hudson has been growing steadily and yesterday, allowed me to sit Hudson next to him on the sofa for a cuddle.  It was a perfect moment for sure.  Usually, I’m quick to grab a camera but I just savored the moment instead.

Hudson is the perfect addition to our family which we now consider complete.  It has been hard work having a newborn and toddler to look after, I’m not going to lie but it’s been worth every sleepless night and stressful moment.  We are enjoying every moment right now and love having a newborn in the house again.

Lisa x


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    Aww he is lovely and it sounds like you are all doing so well x

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