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Welcome to our first Guest Post.  Without further ado, let me introduce you to Rosie our Guest Blogger and her daughter P, a gorgeous 3 year old who is going on 30!  Thanks very much Rosie for sharing your post with us.

Guest Blogger

Hi, I’m Rosie of Life Through Rosies Lens and I am 20 something. I started my blog to keep all our memories in one place, to let people into our lives and show my love for photography and our love for life.

Guest Post


As a baby, P was a breeze, she really was an easy baby.  She slept from the word go, she fed well and she rarely cried. Compare that to the toddler P is today.

Living with a toddler is hard and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. P is nearly 3, she is bright, sociable, loving and a bloody handful. I am proud that when I leave the house she is most of the time well behaved, kind and easy going.  Coming home is a whole different story. She can be hard work, demanding and dare I say naughty. I have never witnessed a child with an attitude like it. Until, I saw a home video of myself at her age and P is the epitome of me.  Her voice is identical, her mannerisms and her plain zest for life are all how I was as a child.


Two weeks ago, after numerous patience tests I resorted to ‘P you’re not going to ballet tonight’ her reply ‘you wouldn’t do that to me’ and do you know what, she was right.  Damn it…she knows that I’m a soft touch and that’s got to change.  So the following week, she pinched me and I thought this week I’m sticking to my guns and she didn’t go to ballet.  P’s response ‘Mummy, you are naughty. You didn’t let me go to ballet. I’ll tell Grandad.’  No tears, no tantrum, but the threat of Grandad (secretly, I was quaking in my boots).


After speaking with friends, I am positive all children have there moments, I think your own child seems the worst.  I’m learning though, she’s just a normal little girl, admittedly one with a bit of sass.  She really is 3 going on 30 and I don’t think we’d have it any other way.

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