My Favourite Free Pregnancy Apps

Here are my 5 favourite pregnancy apps, all totally free, from fertility through to birth and beyond.  All are available on Apple and Android.

I have used all of these at some stage during my pregnancy and some others but have to say that these are by far the best that I have used.  I don’t understand why people pay for apps when there are so many excellent ones available for free.

Pink Pad Period and Fertility Tracker

  • Keep track of your menstrual cycle
  • Monitor fertility symptoms and plan for pregnancy
  • Health reminders
  • Share health advice with women like you


I used this to track my period prior to trying for baby no.2.  Its fertility planning was brilliant and obviously spot-on as we conceived immediately.

Baby Bump

  • Daily and weekly specific info
  • Baby Names List
  • Journal – monitor weight, feelings, appointments etc
  • Take bump photos
  • Kick counter and contraction timer


I’ve been using the kick counter on this and love it.  The journal is great on this one for keeping track of weight etc if that is of interest to you.

My Pregnancy Today by Babycentre 

  • Daily guide to growing baby and body changes
  • Take weekly ‘Bumpie’ pics and turn into timelapse video
  • Pregnancy checklist
  • Birth month forum
  • Kick counter and contraction timer


I really like the daily guide on this one and the daily countdown.  The forum I use regularly and find it re-assuring to be able to discuss symptoms with other mums who are due in the same month as me.

Baby Buddy (Endorsed by The Department of Health)

  • Create an Avatar buddy
  • Personalised content throughout your pregnancy with daily updates
  • Question and answer section
  • Comprehensive list of useful pregnancy terms
  • Appointments / calendar
Say Hi to my Avatar buddy, suitably named Lisa.  What a coincidence.  The question and answer section on this app is really useful, as too is the list of pregnancy terms.

Baby Names by Bounty

  • Baby name generator – by gender, origin, syllables or first letter
  • Add favourites to list
  • Top names for your local area


Some name generators (and books) have the most random of names, I’m sure they are made up for the sake of having more names listed.  This app however allows you to filter gender, origin and even top names in your local area.  Bizarrely, as you can see above, Jack is up there at the top in our local area.  Lily is too, this was going to be Jack’s name if he was born a girl.

Lisa x


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