FieldCandy – Over the Moon Play Tent

FieldCandy is an exciting brand of outdoor quirky products created to add some stylish flair to the outdoor space.  Traditionally the camping industry has been geared towards practicality and durability.  In recent years, festivals, glamping and stay-cations have become more popular.  Enter FieldCandy, and their totally unique and fun filled range, to the camping industry.

FieldCandy products are of high quality design, built with high specification materials that can withstand extreme weather conditions, yet stand out from the crowd with colour and creativity.

FieldCandy Over the Moon Play Tent

FieldCandy Little Campers Play Tents

The FieldCandy Little Campers range of play tents are a fantastic way to add fun and excitement to the home or garden.  Giving children a fun space to play and relax in, ensuring endless hours of fun.

All Little Campers tents are highly durable, lightweight for moving, and easy to assemble.  Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the teepees are highly waterproof, UV fade resistant and guaranteed for 1 year.  Personalisation is available on many of the play tents.

FieldCandy Over the Moon Play Tent

Over The Moon Space Themed Play Tent

FieldCandy recently invited Jack and Hudson to choose a teepee tent from the range for the purposes of review.

It was a tough choice, but we chose to review the Over The Moon spaced themed play tent, with personalisation.

The tent arrived in a space themed bag, perfect for storage and easy transportation.  The kit feels incredibly lightweight and would be easy for a child to carry on a camping trip.

FieldCandy Over the Moon Play Tent

FieldCandy Over the Moon Play Tent

Using the instructions, Jack, Hudson and I, set about building the tent.  Thankfully, it didn’t take long to put together, probably about 15-minutes maximum, and first attempt too.

The all-in-one pole set made it really easy to assemble.  By holding the triangular connector and giving a little wiggle, the poles simply slot together all by themselves.  It’s then just a case of threading the poles through the loops on the teepee material, and pulling the teepee up until it can be clipped to the connector at the top.

FieldCandy Over the Moon Play Tent

Towards the top of the teepee is a hidden small triangular shaped mesh window to give increased circulation and to keep insects out.  Each corner of the tent is double eyeleted, the inner eyelet for your pole leg and the outer for your peg, to provide ultimate stability.

Our Thoughts

Even before I had finished assembling the tent, the boys were already trying to climb inside.  They probably doubled the time it took me to build, but they were really excited.

The tent has been up for a good few days now and the boys haven’t lost interest which is definitely a good sign.  They seem to like taking ALL of their toys inside the play tent.  They have also claimed our sofa cushions for extra comfort.  Jack quite often calls for me to ‘come and hide’ from Hudson but give’s the game away with some over exaggerated chuckles!

Tried and tested by the boys, the tent is certainly durable, most notably the zip!

FieldCandy Over the Moon Play Tent

FieldCandy Over the Moon Play Tent

FieldCandy Over the Moon Play Tent

The outer space theme design of the tent is fun and colourful and the personalisation is a lovely addition.  The tent is spacious enough that Trevor, myself and the two boys have all managed to sit comfortably inside with it closed.

I can see this Little Campers range being popular with children of all ages.  There’s a fantastic design to suit all personalities; spaceship play tent, circus big top play tent, princess play tent, underwater play tent and loads more.

As the children are so young, I think we’ll let this winter spell pass before we take the tent outdoors.  For now, it’ll make the perfect play den in the toy room.

The Little Campers play tent range by FieldCandy gets a huge thumbs up from us, even Trevor is full of praise.  The RRP for the Over the Moon Play Tent is £149.00 and in our opinion, definitely worth the money.

Lisa x

FieldCandy Over the Moon Play Tent

*The Little Campers play tent was provided to us for the purposes of review.  All thoughts are our own and totally honest.  Post contains affiliate link.

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