A Day of Farewells

Yesterday was a long time coming for me, having returned to work from my maternity leave, pregnant again.  It was my last working day until May 2017 because at 29weeks pregnant, I start my 2nd period of maternity leave.

I was very anxious about returning to work back in December because it meant that Jack would be starting nursery.  I had dreaded that day since the day he was born.  You can read about my thoughts back then in my post ‘Back to Work following Maternity Leave’.

Admittedly, Jack has done amazingly at nursery, his confidence has grown hugely and his progress has without question been great, but that still hasn’t stopped me worrying about him and missing him.  The only down side has been that Jack has been poorly pretty much every week, picking up (and no doubt sharing) different bugs, conjunctivitis and hand, foot and mouth.  I know you have to expect that this will happen but it hasn’t been nice watching him suffer.

Also, I’ve been super tired this pregnancy and as Jack still doesn’t sleep through the night, I’ve found it more difficult being at work this time around.

Anyway, yesterday was a day of mixed emotions for me, saying goodbye to friends at work was not nice, although I do plan on popping in to see them and meet them for lunch etc.  It has been lovely having some aduItconversation during the day and a sense of normality, so I will miss that too.


Also, little Jack enjoyed his last day at Nursery by spilling red paint all over his nursery class keyworker and floor, and also by peeing on another nursery staff member during a nappy change.  Save the best day til last, right?  As I said, he has done really well at nursery and is fond of his nursery class friends and staff.  The staff have been incredible with Jack and we will definitely miss them.  We plan on visiting them occasionally too.

So whilst I am sad to say our temporary farewells, I am super excited to have now started maternity leave.  I can finally focus totally on Jack and Trevor again and enjoy some time together before our new addition arrives.  Then our family will start a new adventure, an incredible one and I cannot wait.  Our new countdown begins…

Lisa x



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    March 28, 2016 at 7:41 am

    Yay! That’s to the starting of maternity leave not a celebration of Jack weeing in people 😉 ha! It’s crazy how quickly the time seems to be going.

    Stevie xx

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