Due Date Disappointment

Its hard to believe that today is the anniversary of our Captain Jack’s due date.  This time last year, I might as well have been sat poised in the birthing position as I was adamant he would arrive on time.  The 20th January 2015 had been a long time coming that’s for sure.

As a hugely naïve mummy-to-be, for me that date was it.  My first born would make their appearance by no later than its due date, right?


We had enjoyed the pregnancy milestones, I had started my maternity leave and the hospital bags had been packed and re-packed numerous times.

The baby sweepstake was in place and the first of the guessed dates had come and gone.  I had received my 600th text message asking whether baby had arrived yet and already had enough of everyone’s unrequested baby advice.  Jack’s due date was still a few days away.

I had been 2cms dilated for a couple of weeks and my midwife had suggested that baby would be here “any day now” since week 38.  I was trying all the recommended curry, pineapple and long walks to bring on labour because in all honesty, from about week 35 I could no longer bear the waddling, hairy legs and assistance to put my shoes on.

So, for some 280 days I had been waiting for the long-anticipated due date to arrive and the day was finally here.  It was just a normal day, Trevor was up bright and early for work and I was at home, waiting.  That day, I visited my midwife for the sweep.

More days passed and I couldn’t believe I was still waiting.  I had resorted to turning my phone off as it was permanently bleeping and was starting to get me down.  Baby was still nice and active so I wasn’t concerned, just disappointed that we was still waiting.

My contractions finally started some 8 days after my due date and Jack was born on the 29th January 2015.

I’ve since learned that only 4% of babies arrive on their predicted due date whilst 90% of babies are born two weeks either side.  I have therefore decided that the term “due date” is a misleading little shit!

Next time, I won’t be too disappointed when my due date passes by without so much as a twinge and I certainly wont be wanting to rush into labour any sooner than necessary!

How long was you kept waiting?  Was you disappointed too?

Lisa x


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