Come on baby…

I really thought that baby ‘Dot’ might have come early and with just 3 days until my Due Date, I wake every day thinking that it could be the one.

I have had my ‘to-do’ list (for when labour starts) on the fridge for weeks and I’ve been keeping on top of the same boring tasks every day for the past week to make sure that the house is ready for baby to be brought home too.

The only task I have left to do, is to make up the baby’s Moses Basket, which has been stripped and cleaned, over and over again.

I have not yet been tempted to eat 20 pineapples, a firesome curry or to try the ‘willy sweep’ which I keep reading about in my online Birth Group.  No need to google that one!

Three of the ten mums at my Antenatal Class have now had their babies and so have many of the mums on the online forums and mummy bloggers’ who’s pregnancy journeys I have been following.  Meanwhile, I’m just waiting and hoping that I’m next to be rushing off to hospital, screaming obscenities at my OH for getting me into ‘this mess’.

I had promised that I wouldn’t be like this again, as I was with Jack, but it does become difficult not to think about it every moment, of every day as you near your Due Date.

So, queue the hundreds of daily text messages ‘Any signs?’ or ‘Is the baby here yet?’ whilst I anxiously wait for that first ‘ohh, could this be it?’ twinge.

Lisa x


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    June 5, 2016 at 11:54 pm

    As they say, it’ll happen when it happens x GOOD LUCK!

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