Car Maintenance Tips For The Summer

Routine car maintenance is always important, but with the welcoming of summer, it is especially important now.   Seasonal changes can be tough on vehicles as changes in temperature can affect the way they run, especially if it’s an older model or has a lot of miles.  

Fife Autocentre is starting a campaign for the summer and we are getting involved by sharing some basic maintenance tips to help you keep your car safe and in good shape for summer.

Fife Autocentre Tyre Car summer maintenance tips

Car Maintenance Tips For The Summer

Brakes – Visually check the pad thickness and for any uneven wear.  Manually check your brakes and listen for grinding or squeaking, and feel for any signs of fade or pulling.  Check brake fluid too!

Fluid levels – Check your coolant reservoir to prevent overheating.  Look for wet or white marks on coolant hoses and listen for the fan when your engine is idle.

Tyres – Before setting off, check tyre condition and pressures on your vehicle, as well as anything you might be towing.  High temperatures and under-inflation increase the risk of punctures and cause unnecessary wear on your vehicle.  At Fife Autocentre you can book tyres in Dunfermline online.

Battery – Car batteries may fail or short out in the summer due to overuse in the winter.  Winter can cause much more wear on your battery more than you think. Have the battery tested to make sure it is still in good condition.

Engine oil – Oil is essential to keep your engine running smoothly and you should have regular oil changes performed all year round.

Headlights – Its not often we use our headlights in the summer, so just a quick check to make sure they are nice and bright should do.

Air Con – Check and make sure your air conditioning is functioning properly. It should be blowing at the correct speed and the air should be cold.

Windscreen wipers – Your windscreen wipers will have taken a proper beating for the last few months, dealing with cold rain and anything else the weather has thrown at it.  Did you know that you can use vinegar to help rejuvenate the rubber on windscreen wipers?  If this doesn’t work though they are fairly cheap to replace.

Car safety should always be a top priority.  Routine maintenance checks can prevent unnecessary damage to your vehicle and hefty garage repair costs.  Most importantly, they can reduce the risk of accidents.

Happy and safe travels!

Lisa x

*Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.*

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