Captain Jack – 16 and 17 months

It has been a while since our last progress update for Jack, which is really naughty of me as I love to document his development, however I have been rather busy growing and getting to know a tiny human.

Jack is no longer just walking, he is now running!  One minute he is under my feet and the next he is nowhere to be seen.  I have to watch him like a hawk.

Jack is already wearing clothing size 2-3yrs.  He is a solid boy like his Daddy and is very rough and tumble.  He loves to be thrown around by Daddy even if it does mean that I’m living on tender hooks.  He is your typical little boy now and wants to do everything that Daddy can.


He has become really rather cheeky these past few weeks and is really testing his boundaries.  If he knows that something is wrong, he’ll do it all the more and even worse, he’ll check to see if you are watching him before doing it.  He does make me laugh but I dare not let him see that.  Has the terrible twos come early?

17mths 1

Jack now sleeps with a duvet rather than in a sleeping bag and seems much more comfortable sleeping.  He still sometimes wakes through the night but will generally go straight back to sleep.

His latest words are ‘bath’, ‘green’, ‘Thomas’ (the Tank), ‘three’, ‘banana’ and ‘crisps’.  He also loves a ‘jibberish’ conversation which is really quite comical.  He knows what he is trying say and we just go along with it.

17mths 2

Most significantly this month, Jack became a big brother to baby Hudson.  During the first week, he found it difficult adjusting to having a baby in the house and would grunt or shout ‘no’ when baby Hudson cried.  He also got a little upset when Daddy or Mummy was holding the baby, especially when he was tired and wanted to cuddle up.

You could see that he was feeling left out even though we had been doing everything possible to involve him.  It made me feel really guilty.

17mths 3

In this last week, there have been some little breakthroughs and Jack seems to be realising that the baby is here to stay.  On one occasion, when the baby was crying he gave him his dummy and on another, his new ‘Dino’ comforter.

He will now approach the baby to observe what he is doing and shows interest when I am feeding/changing the baby’s nappy.  So he is getting there and I’m super proud of him.

I have loved being able to cuddle up close to Jack these last couple of weeks since no longer having a bump.  I’ve missed that closeness loads.

Thanks for taking the time to read Jack’s update.  What will month 18 have in store?

Lisa x



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    July 1, 2016 at 12:09 am

    Congratulations on the new little one (baby Hudson). Love your updates x

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