Captain Jack – 15 months

15-months today is our handsome boy, Captain Jack.  It’s been a great month for Jack and we’ve seen possibly, the last of his baby firsts.

It’s official, Jack is now a toddler.  Within the space of a few weeks, he has found his feet and is whizzing around.  It is surprising just how fast his balance has improved and also, just how far he can walk.


He is now sleeping in his own room but continues to wake a couple of times through the night.  It’s all progress and I’m sure with time, he’ll start to sleep through.

His appetite has increased loads and he will eat pretty much anything that is put in front of him.  I’m a very fussy eater and so I’m glad that he follows in his daddy’s footsteps.

Jack has had a growth spurt this month and so we have had to buy him a whole new wardrobe.  He looks so grown up in his ‘big boy’ clothing, where has my baby gone?

He has become super affectionate recently and loves his cuddles and kisses.  Feeling his little arms around my neck makes everything worthwhile, its the best feeling in the world.


His vocabulary continues to improve and he can now say ‘juice’, ‘yes’, ‘cat’ and ‘goal’.  His understanding of instruction has improved too, i.e. If I ask him to show me something, he will bring that something to me.

He will also simulate the blowing action, i.e. to cool his food or to the sound of my hairdryer.

So in Jack’s 15th month, it is possible that he may be promoted to big brother.  It will be interesting to see how he responds to the arrival of a baby in the house but I think he will be okay.  We’ve seen a few babies these last few weeks and he has shown interest with a smile straight away.  I really cannot wait to see them together.


Thanks for reading his update.

Lisa x

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