Captain Jack – 14 months

Jack’s development seems to have gained pace in his 14th month, he is so much more confident these days and showing independence too.  Here is an update on what Jack’s been up to this month…

Jack has taken to his new milk really well and is a completely different boy.  He sleeps loads better and his tummy has settled finally.

Jack’s been very vocal this month and is talking gibberish all the time.  It’s quite amusing when he gets carried away.  His new words this month are:

  • ‘Up’ which he use’s when he wants to be carried, or which we use to tell Jack to look upwards or to climb up, i.e. the stairs or onto the sofa.
  • ‘Gone’ is used with an open-handed signal when he has eaten something or if he has dropped something.
  • ‘Look’ is used with a pointed-finger signal when he wants to get our attention to look at something.

Jack is super confident these days, which I put down to his time spent at nursery.  He is no longer the boy who cries in unfamiliar surroundings but is now the first to join in any fun.  We took him to a soft play activity centre last week and he was playing amongst the other children comfortably and wasn’t clingy to us at all.


He is becoming really independent now and his co-ordination is coming along nicely too.  He tries to brush his own hair and teeth and can eat with a fork.  His spoon work needs a little more practice but he is pretty much there.

He is now standing completely unaided and shows off with a fake chuckle when doing so.  He still thinks better about taking his first step and drops to the floor before crawling off quick speed.


On Thursday, Jack attended his last day at Nursery which you can read about in our post ‘A Day of Farewells’.  He was only there for 15 weeks but it has done him the world of good.

This weekend, he had his first haircut which was against some serious protest from the moment he sat in the chair.  The hairdresser did her best but his hair still needed some more fixing by mummy when he was fast asleep.


What will happen in Jack’s month 15?  Only time will tell, but I cannot wait to find out.

Thanks for reading his update.

Lisa x



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