Captain Jack – 13 months

Our Captain turns 13 months old on this leap year day and shares his day with ‘Baby Dot’ who is now 26weeks inside mummy’s tummy.

Jack has progressed so much this month, he is loads more chatty and has added some new words to his vocabulary; baby, hello, milk and up.  We sing the ‘row, row, row your boat’ song and he joins in with the word ‘row’ and a gentle rock back and forth.  He has been giving baby bump lots of attention which is really cute and refers to my bump as ‘baby’.

He can stack cups and rings in their correct order and feels the need to empty and re-fill a box all the time.  He now raises a phone to his ear before saying ‘hello’ or ‘hi-ya’.  We’ve also tried some colouring with crayons.


He can crawl and climb the stairs super fast and is now lowering himself safely off the sofa.  Little monkey has his hands everywhere these days, no cupboard door or draw is safe now so everything has been safety locked shut!

He is also walking with the aid of his walker.  A few times he has gone to step on his own but thought better of it and dropped to the floor.  It won’t be long now and Jack will officially be a toddler.


This past month has been a tough one for Jack, he has been really poorly.  In the space of a week, he had his 1yr immunisations, went onto cows milk and caught a tummy bug from nursery.  Unfortunately, since then he has had diarrhoea for 4weeks solid.  We’ve been trying to work out what the cause was/is by ruling things out one at a time.  I suspect that it was a mixture of all three things.

I am convinced that Jack has an intolerance to cows milk and/or cheese.  We have stopped giving him cheese and have put him back on to formula for now and his poo has become more of a ‘paste’ again.  We shall try him again in a couple of months.

It is possible that the stomach bug made him lactose intolerant temporarily but we wont know for sure until we try him again.  This week we will be changing his formula brand in an attempt to get him back on track.  We just hope it works.

He has also picked up conjunctivitis and hand, foot and mouth from nursery which have added to his woes (and ours).

Jack’s top and bottom first molars and upper canines have been coming through this month so you can imagine its been a painful and stressful one.  It’s the worst feeling in the world watching him suffer and there have been plenty of sleepless nights.

We have served notice to the nursery now as I have only 4weeks left at work before starting my maternity leave, so as of the 24th March, Jack will be back at home with mummy where he belongs.   I will be taking him to regular playgroups so that he still gets his interaction with other children and for the next 10weeks I plan on making a huge fuss of him before ‘Dot’ arrives.

Regardless of Jack’s poorly month, he has worn a permanent smile on his face and shows all the signs of a tough cookie.  I just hope this next month sees him feeling better.

Lisa x


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