Brickosaurs at Marwell Zoo – Near Extinction!

If you are looking for somewhere to take the kids before the school holidays are over, then you should consider a trip to Marwell Zoo.  The zoo is currently home to the world exclusive BRICKOSAURS! LEGO event, which finishes on the 1st September, and is not to be missed.

Brickosaurs at Marwell Zoo - Blog Review

BRICKOSAURS! at Marwell Zoo

We were recently invited back to Marwell Zoo to see the full collection of LEGO dinosaur sculptures.  So, in this latest blog post, you will find that we are focusing solely on the BRICKOSAURS! event.

The interactive expedition features a collection of 50 awesome sculptures to excite families, LEGO and dinosaur enthusiasts alike.  The impressive brick built dinosaurs, that were created with more than two million bricks, can be found dotted all over the zoo, in various forms and sizes.

Brickosaurs at Marwell Zoo - Blog Review 1

Brickosaurs at Marwell Zoo - Blog Review

Brickosaurs at Marwell Zoo - Blog Review

Guests can track down all of the dinosaurs using the free trail guide or can download the Marwell Zoo app.  For some added adventure, you could explore the entire zoo, all 140 acres, until you find them all.

We decided to use the trail guide as you can see below, and found it nice and easy to follow.  We managed to find all of the dinosaurs using the map, but unfortunately our quest to find Colin (hidden in the zoo) did not go well.  Did you manage to find him?

Brickosaurs at Marwell Zoo Review - The Love of a Captain Blog - Trail Map

The best for me has to be the T-Rex.  At a whopping eight-metres, he is the largest touring LEGO brick dinosaur model ever made and brings some serious excitement to the front of Marwell Hall.  T-Rex now finds himself with a new companion, since our previous visit, and they both seem to be firm favourites amongst visitors.

Brickosaurs at Marwell Zoo - Blog Review

Base Camp

Guests can get hands on with a host of extra activities including trying their hand at making their own creations at BRICKOSAURS! Base Camp.  We spent a good two hours at Base Camp building LEGO and Duplo models of our own, all whilst trying not to get chomped by the Megalosaurus!

The LEGO brick dino jeep at Base Camp offers a fab family photo opportunity, whilst the BRICKOSHOP is fab for goods and gifts to take home.  Note that you can only pay using a card at the Base Camp shop.

Extinction is near for the BRICKOSAURS! so before it’s too late, check out the Marwell Zoo website for full information.  The BRICKOSAURS! event offers a whole new experience at Marwell Zoo, and better still, is included in the general admission price.  ROAR-SOME!!  We had a fantastic time, and the whole zoo and BRICKOSAURS! event comes highly recommended by us.

Lisa x

*We were gifted with free entry to Marwell Zoo, in exchange for our honest thoughts about the BRICKOSAURS! event.  All images and thoughts our own.

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