Books we read in July

With each month that passes, Jack gets more and more into his books which I am really pleased about.  In fact, the first go-to in his toy room is his bookshelf.  I never enjoyed reading in childhood and so find it great that Jack is the opposite.  Here is what we have been reading in July…


I was lucky enough to win this book in an Instagram competition run by its publisher, Little Tiger Press, back in August last year.  It is one of the four books in the series about Archie, a boy Rhino.  In this book, Archie discovers a new word, ‘More’, and throughout the book learns over a series of events that ‘More’ is sometimes just too much.

It is a cheerful little story which might just give children a little pause for thought.  It comes with some of the best and most colourful illustrations I’ve seen in childrens’ books.  Jack loves this book (as do I) and was totally absorbed throughout.  Unsurprisingly, he wanted it read some more…


Hugly and the Missing Carrots

Jack was kindly sent this book by Hugly and Friends to enjoy, and enjoy he did.  It is a brilliant new children’s book that comes with a difference, its aim is to encourage children to re-engage with the outdoors and to learn about plants by growing and cooking their own food.  Such a lovely idea!

The story is about Hugly, who goes looking for the carrots missing from his vegetable patch, only to be greeted by his friends with a pleasant and tasty surprise at the end the book.  The book includes a pack of carrot seed and a carrot cake recipe for children to grow and cook.  We shall enjoy making the cake just as soon as Jack’s carrots are ready.  Watch this space!

Hugly and Friends

Teddy Time : Bath time

This book was sent to Jack by Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.  It is a colourful board book for toddlers and parents to share, a rhyming story about Teddy’s bath time routine.

Jack was really drawn to the pictures in this one and wore a smile throughout.  I’d really recommend this one.  He didn’t quite understand the scented part at the end but that’s okay, he will eventually.  Published by Autumn Publishing.

Bath Time 1

Spot Goes to the Farm

Spot was around when I was a child (back in the 80’s) so I was excited when this one arrived in the post, again from Imagination Library.  The Spot books are the original ‘lift-the-flap’ story books that we all know and love.

In this story, Spot goes on a hunt with his Dad to find some baby animals on the farm.  Jack loves his animals at the moment so this was a big hit.  He was a bit eager to open the flaps before I had read the story but hey-ho, it was all part of the fun.  We really enjoyed this book.  Published by the Penguin Group.


The Lost Smile

This book was a gift from our lovely friend Stevie, aka. A Cornish Mum.  The book was created by Wrigley’s Extra to highlight the important of protecting children’s smiles.

The story is about a little boy who can’t find his family’s smiles and so goes on a search to find them.  The Lost Smile illustrates just how powerful and infectious a child’s smile is.  It is a really nice story and a clever one too.

At the back of the book are some tips for keeping the family’s teeth clean and healthy, protecting smiles for years to come.  All profits from the book go to charity.

Luckily for us, Jack enjoys brushing his teeth but if you have a reluctant toothbrusher in the house, then you might want to order a copy.

The Lost Smile

What books did you and yours enjoy this month?

Lisa x

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    Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks
    August 3, 2016 at 5:11 pm

    We’ve just got into the Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson. It’s a little bit long for my 16 month old but my 3 year old loves it. To be honest it’s not my favourite but hey!

    • Reply
      Lisa Hudson
      August 4, 2016 at 9:51 am

      Its nice when they enjoy them. I love watching Jacks little face, he gets really absorbed 🙂

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