10 Post-pregnancy Body Changes

Here is a list of the 10 post-pregnancy body changes that I experienced following my first pregnancy.  Some of them were expected but most came as a surprise. Hoorah – Lucky me!  I can only hope that pregnancy no.2 treats me kindly.

ONE – Baby Belly

I still looked 30wks pregnant when Jack was born and it took at least 2-weeks for my belly to return to some sort of pre-pregnancy shape.

TWO – Abdominal Muscles separation

Unfortunately, I did suffer with Diastasis Recti during pregnancy.  My muscles had a 5cm separation which I needed to attend physio for.  Already at 22wks pregnant, I can see a separation again in my muscles and can only hope that they don’t separate too much this time round.

THREE – Stretch Marks

I thought I had managed to avoid stretch marks with my 1st pregnancy until about week 35.  My belly seemed to gain momentum at this point and I ended up with some across the front around my belly button.  My bump this time around already appears bigger at 22wks.  I expect to gain loads more this time but hey ho, what can you do?

FOUR – Leaking boobs

Ladies, prepare yourself with loads of breast pads.  My boobs leaked milk loads and even ‘jet-sprayed’ when in the shower.

FIVE – Constipation

Oh dear!  This was awful.  I tore during birth and needed stitches so imagine the fear I had of that first poo.  TMI?!  I have no idea whether the drugs given during labour had anything to do with being constipated but I couldn’t go for a week.  Thankfully, that poo was the best of my life and didn’t hurt a bit.  You may want to stock up on some Senokot which can be taken whilst breast feeding.

SIX – Piles

So with the ‘pushing’ in labour and constipation during pregnancy, be prepared for some piles ladies.  Some Anusol will help.

SEVEN – Hair loss

I have always been lucky with thick hair and during both pregnancies my hair was at its best, always glossy and hardly fell out.  Once baby had arrived, I seemed to shred overnight.  My hair fell out in clumps.  I thought about using caffeine based hair loss shampoo but apparently its not recommended whilst breast feeding so chose not to.

EIGHT – Hormones

Wow, my hormones were off the scale post-pregnancy.  Perhaps the beginning of my Postnatal Depression?

NINE – Lady-bits

In the early days following a natural virginal birth, you’ll find your ‘lady garden’ to be super swollen and I’m sorry to break it to you ladies and gents, don’t expect this area ever to be the same again.

TEN – Incontinence

Unless you do your pelvic floor exercises YOU WILL find yourself wetting yourself following childbirth or if you are really lucky, you may even poo yourself.  You have been warned.

All just part of the fun, right?

Lisa x


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