Birth Plan of a 2nd time Mummy

Throughout my pregnancy with Jack, I wasn’t concerned about labour at all.  Oh, the naivety of a first-time mum!  It was going to be a beautiful occasion, without a doubt and so my birth plan suggested a drug free experience in the relaxed atmosphere of the hospital’s birth centre.

When my contractions started, I stayed at home for 5hours before making the 40minute trip to our chosen hospital.  I was calm and handling the contractions well.  I was so chilled that I took a bath, washed and blow-dried my hair and wrote a note for my mum and dad, who was travelling to mine for when baby arrived.  Bliss.

When I arrived at hospital, I was booked into the birth centre, which was lovely and was checked over to find I was only 4cms dilated.  I was given some gas and air as the pain started to get a bit tougher and then offered the birthing tub (which was in my birth plan), it was fab at first but after a few hours, it seemed to be slowing things down so I got out.


Still relatively calm, the pain took hold and I was offered Diamorphine, which I declined.  I opted for the aromatherapy oils instead as I wanted a drug-free labour, remember!  An hour or so later, I was begging for it.

To cut a long story short, I ended up being induced towards the end and was made to push for an hour before we was taken to theatre for a forceps delivery.

I had prepared a lengthy birth plan which was shot to pieces but whilst I may not of had the birth experience that I had hoped for, Jack was born safely and was healthy.  That was all that mattered!  The care that we received at the hospital was incredible and the staff had total control throughout.

For labour no.2, I know what to expect and have to admit I am pretty damn worried.  I just hope, as people keep on telling me, that 2nd babies are born easier and I am booked in to see my consultant midwife for piece of mind.

There will be a birth plan this time but I will be totally open minded about it, as lets face it, my body will do as it feels on the day.  I will certainly not allow myself to feel like a failure just because my birth plan didn’t work out.

My birth plan shall be kept simple and will include the things that I would and would not ‘like’:

  • I shall request pain relief and not feel guilty about it.
  • I will not allow myself to be too relaxed, I shall be walking around and keeping mobile.
  • The birthing tub is a No!
  • I would love Daddy to cut the cord following delayed cord clamping.
  • I will insist that Daddy holds ‘our’ baby first.

What are your thoughts on a birth plan?

Lisa x


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    April 8, 2016 at 3:24 pm

    I am worried about labour second time round. Like you, I had no worries first time round, just thought I’d go with the flow. What a shock it turned out to be. I definitely want to be more prepared and get my body to relax, as I really freaked out during labour last time. Definitely agree with the walking around bit, that speeded up my labour with Tyler. I’ve started reading a hypnobirthing book, hoping it will help! And I’ve taken note of your ‘birthing tub – no’! xx

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    April 5, 2016 at 2:05 pm

    Daddy holding the baby first is a lovely idea. Wish I had thought of that!
    I wanted a natural birth first time around but after 24 hours of labour I changed my mind! When it came to the birth plan for number two, I requested all the drugs going but I didn’t actually have time once I got to the hospital. My best bit of advice is to walk around as much as possible, the second time still wasn’t magical or pain free but you are mentally prepared for the pain at least!
    As long as baby arrives safe, that’s all that matters xx

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    April 5, 2016 at 1:40 pm

    Oh this resonated with me although my eldest is 47 and the others 45 and 43 so it is a long time ago but I was in an excellent RAF hospital with lots of staff and wonderful care. But I had been to relaxation classes and we thought that was all we had to do ie breathe properly and lie there. I know things are different now but I desperately wanted to get on to my knees but the midwife had not mentioned it and it was frowned on. They like you on your back .. or they did anyway then. Luckily I had fairly fast deliveries. The second two came after a couple of big pains with barely any pushing. I was so thrilled about my luck I wanted more babies but common sense kicked in. Your second experience will be very different I am sure. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

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