Jack’s 9-month Progress Review

We had Jack’s 9 Month Review on Thursday and it was thumbs-up all round.

We were sent a ASQ-3 form to complete prior to the review, which gives you a group of activities to complete with little one in order to check on their progress and to make sure all is well.  Activities involve their communication, motor, problem solving and personal-social skills.  It wasn’t until I did the activities with Jack that I realised he could do most of the stuff.  Sounds terrible but I hadn’t even thought about trying some of them (as a first-time mum) and was really impressed with how Jack completed them.

The form also prompts you to consider your baby’s health and wellbeing by asking questions relating to their sight, hearing and behaviour etc.  The Health Advisor checked through the form and discussed the results with us in great detail.

We went on to discuss the issues that we have been having with Jack’s weaning and I have to say I feel pretty stupid and guilty.  I have been feeding Jack 4x bottles of 8ozs every day which I know now to be excessive, trouble is he had been drinking it happily.

According to the Health Advisor, Jack should be consuming a minimum of 1 pint of milk each day and approximately 20oz, so I’ve been trying to feed little man on a permanently full stomach of milk.  No wonder he hasn’t been interested in his food.  I feel terrible but thankfully, she gave us plenty of feeding advice and tips, so onwards and upwards.

Our new routine will go something like this:

  • 8am – 4oz of milk
  • 9am – Breakfast followed by 4oz of milk
  • Midday – Lunch with a cup of water
  • 3pm – 8oz of milk
  • 5pm – Dinner with us
  • 8pm – 8oz of milk (then bed)

I didn’t realise but at 9mths, Jack can have cows milk with porridge etc.  On turning 1yr, Jack can drink pasteurised full-fat milk (blue top).  He is allowed to eat anything now except honey and runny eggs.

She weighed Jack and he is now a healthy 23lb 2oz and is still tracking at 91%.  I’m guessing that this will drop-off a bit now that he is moving around and his food routine will change.

It was pointed out (routinely) that any incidents in the home resulting in a child being injured is reportable to your child’s Doctor and Health Team.  Personally, I think that this can only be a good thing and assists in safe-guarding our children.  We discussed things like using stair gates and plug socket guards and general safety around the home.

We was given some free vitamin drops for Jack which should be given from 1yr old and was advised that further free bottles can be collected during weigh-in sessions.

The review took about 40minutes and I found it so very useful.  Its a great opportunity to discuss any concerns and I just wish that I had raised the issues about his feeding sooner.

Lisa x


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