33weeks – Our Obstetrics Appointment

Yesterday, I had my long-awaited obstetrics meeting with a consultant about the birth of Baby Dot and I’m so happy that I requested to see one.

Already I feel more positive about this labour following the traumatic one that I experienced with Jack.  Since I found out that I was pregnant again, I’ve been permanently anxious about it.

The Consultant was very thorough going through all my notes and took great care in reassuring me by discussing the things that have been troubling me for so long.

Apparently, having previously had a forceps birth, I am less likely to need an assisted birth again or a C-Section.  Whilst he said that these couldn’t be entirely ruled out, much to my relief, he said that a natural birth is highly likely.

He suggested a further growth scan and meeting with him at week 36 to go through all birthing options including the possibility of being induced at 39 weeks.

This pregnancy is really pressing ahead now and it feels weird that in just about a month, Baby Dot will make us a family of four.

At last, I feel super excited.

Lisa x



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