3 hours, 2 adults minus 1 baby

On Saturday night, Trevor and I took the plunge and left Jack with my parents whilst we had our first date night since Jack was born.

Surprisingly, I didn’t get upset when leaving Jack behind but that’s perhaps because we was pushed for time to make the film, so literally flew out of the door.


Look – no Jack!

We had decided to watch Terminator Genisys at the Cinema and we were not disappointed.  I would highly recommend this film to any Terminator fan and would go as far in saying that it is the best film I have ever seen.  The story line is brilliant, the special effects incredible and a special mention has to go to Arnie!  Thank god he was true to his word and came back.

About an hour into the film, I really started to miss Jack.  I felt like my right arm was missing but I knew that it was important for Trevor and I to get some ‘us’ time.  It had been 6-months after all.  Equally, it was important for Jack to have some Nanny and Grandad time and to have a break from us.


Tickle time

It has to be said that I did feel the need to rush home to see him, I was definitely having withdrawal symptoms after just 3hrs but the same couldn’t be said for Jack.  He was fast asleep and had been having too much fun in order to miss us.


Nanny’s attempt at a selfie with Jack

Spending some quality time with Trevor was well needed and next time, perhaps we’ll venture out for a bit longer.

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