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Christmas Gift Guide for Toddlers 2017 - The Love of a Captain Blog

Christmas Gift Guide – Toddler Gifts 2017

Wondering what to get your toddler for Christmas?  To help with some ideas, I’ve put together some of my favourite gifts for toddlers this year.  Everything you’ll find in our Toddler Gift Guide has been put to the test by…

Fireman Jack at the Newbury Fire Station Open Day

Newbury Fire Station Open Day (Berkshire)

A few weeks ago, we visited our local Fire Station in Newbury, Berkshire.  By chance, I found out that they was hosting an Open Day for local residents so we decided that we would take Jack along to what would be a…

Captain Jack – 18 months

Jack has made us absolutely proud this last month.  He has formed the most gorgeous and funny little character and is a joy to be around.  Jack now seems huge in comparison to his little brother and I often have…